Maximising outdoor advertising revenue.
Advertising Hoardings

Maurice & Associates act on behalf of landlords and property owners in relation to advertising hoardings and displays. If you own property or land and would like to generate extra income please feel free to contact us. Our services include: -


A preliminary appraisal of the potential from existing sites or developing new hoardings.


Marketing your potential sites including preparing market details and particulars which are distributed to our contacts within the Advertising industry.


No upfront payment of fees. Fees are agreed with you in advance and typically range from 10% - 20% of the firsts years rent payable upon completion of an agreement depending on the size of your portfolio and service you require.


Do you have existing hoarding agreements? If so are you receiving a market value rent? It would be prudent for you to ensure they are independently assessed and reviewed promptly.

The outdoor advertising market defines the size of advertising hoardings by reference to the number of sheets used to form the final visual display of the advertisement. The sizes range from, 6 sheet, 16 sheet, 48 sheet, 64 and 96 sheet. The panels can be static paste and paper, Ultravision type (revolving) scrolling and light boxes.



Town Planning


Advertising Hoardings are generally subject to obtaining planning permission or deemed consent. Planning laws and guidance are frequently under review and we keep up to date with the changes. All advertisements, except those specifically excluded from the provisions of the Regulations, must benefit from either express or deemed consent. Express consent requires an application to be made to the local planning authority to be determined by reference to visual amenity and public safety. Deemed consent, of which there are fourteen classes, apply when certain qualifying conditions are met.

Model Form of Agreement


Whether a lease, licence or legal agreement the terms and conditions agreed between the landowner and the advertising company will play a vital role in extracting full value from advertising rights. You need to ensure this is equitable or fair and do not simply agree to a Hoarding contractors standard forms of agreements as they can include a number of highly onerous clauses limiting the landowners ability to freely manage their property effectively.



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