Maurice & Associates are specialists with several years experience in dealing with the Telecoms market. Our employees include, members of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation as well as the Institute of Leadership and Management.

Due to our active involvement with day-to-day market transactions, we have an extensive comparable database of transactions around the UK. This supplemented by continual research and monitoring of the telecoms sector places the firm in a unique position to provide professional advice in this very specialised field. Ultimately, we add value and increase rental income. Our clients benefit from maximized revenue.

Key Services
· Site Acquisitions
· Existing Installations
· Telecoms Consultancy & Strategy
· Telecoms Lease Renewals
· Telecoms Rent Reviews
· Telecoms Upgrades
· Site & Portfolio Management
· Planning

We have extensive experience in approaching, negotiating and working with property owners in acquiring sites both speedily and efficiently. We ensure the best terms are agreed and we appreciate time may be of the essence. We have proven experience in negotiating not only favourable rental terms but also other key heads of terms such as length of lease, rent reviews, break clauses, access, health & safety, maintenance rights and alienation provisions etc.
Already have a mobile phone mast or antennae on you property? We can help especially in management. Why pay more than 10% for management? More than 50% of leases and licences are on prejudiced terms. It may be possible to break a bad lease and obtain a new one on modern terms thereby adding to the Landlords investment value. Maurice & Associates are specialists in lease re-gearing.
Existing Installations
Telecoms Rent Reviews
Telecoms Lease Renewals
Telecoms Consultancy & Strategy
Site Acquisitions
Need to develop an income generating strategy?

Many owners of land and property have a desire to improve or increase revenue generated by their assets or they may just want to know how to exploit their portfolio.

We provide advice on the opportunities available and on appropriate policies for telecoms installations to ensure that your property is managed effectively and revenues are maximised.

The property market in telecoms has continued to become more sophisticated as more sites and competing networks are added. This has resulted in existing telecoms agreements becoming rather out of date and often requiring modernisation in line with current commercial practice.

Additionally the impact of lease renewals of the Communications Act 2003 as well as the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 require careful consideration.

We act for several landlords at renewals and as expert witness.

Due to the demand for sites, rents continue their upward trend. The telecoms market is moving away from the Retail Price Index (RPI) linked rents to the greater of RPI or Open Market Value at Review. With the Majority of the evidence in the hands of the telecoms operators, it is important to be represented by professionals with knowledge and experience of the market to ensure that your site is not under rented.

Landlords need professional property advice to ensure review increases are maximised to enhance their investment. You cannot rely on your solicitor for valuation advice or negotiations. We act for several landlords at rent review including 3rd party referrals.

Telecoms Upgrades
Poorly worded agreements with telecom operators will allow them to upgrade their base stations to handle both 2G and 3G traffic. This results in the operator having an increased benefit from the site, which cannot be reflected in the rent until an open market rent review clause arises.

We have proven methods of extracting value for landlords in these situations.

Database management and administration
Site share
Rent reviews
Lease variations and renewals

Redevelopment and relocation of equipment
Planning permission for upgrades
Ad hoc property advice

We can also negotiate multi-site agreements on your behalf.

Site & Portfolio Management
We can actively manage portfolios of sites, which generally involve:

The legislation and guidance covering Town & Country Planning and the installation of telecommunications equipment and structures is both complex and extensive and a thorough knowledge and understanding is essential. Knowledge of this area is particularly important at the present time with the operators having imposed upon them a greater environmental awareness, a need to conduct wider consultation and provide detailed information to accompany all submissions.

Our approach has always been to endeavour to form a partnership with the relevant Planning Authority at an early stage.

The actual selection and recommendation of sites must have a very careful eye to planning applications. Accordingly early and continuous consultations with the Local Planning Authority are essential.


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