"My neighbour plans to carry out building works"

If your neighbour intends to carry out the building works near your property, where the Act applies they are required by law to serve a written notice on you in advance. You are entitled to a surveyor to represent you and under normal circumstances your neighbour has to pay your surveyor’s reasonable fee. We generally, review the proposals, consider your concerns, visit your property, carry out a photographic schedule of condition and agree an award which contains several provisions to protect your interest and property.

Same day service

Maurice & Associates can offer a same day service on written notices. If you have received a written notice and require advice, then do contact us. You can also post or scan and email the notice to us, so we can immediately check and offer free advice. The notice should be valid and give you 14 days to reply. The notice should usually state three options to choose from. If three options are not stated on the notice and you are not aware of your rights or its validity, then do contact us.

If you do not reply to the notice within 14 days then it is an automatic deemed dissent where Surveyors must be appointed by each party. Your neighbour will then have to serve another 10 days’ notice requesting you to appoint a Surveyor otherwise they can appoint any Surveyor on your behalf. If you have received a 10 days’ notice letter, then do contact us before the deadline, so we can provide a same day service.

If you are happy with the proposed notifiable works and do not require party wall Award, schedule of condition or a surveyor to check the proposals, you can simply consent to the notice and your neighbour can immediately start the building works. We would normally recommend at the very least, to request an independent photographic schedule of condition to be undertaken before the works commence. A pre-photographic survey would benefit both parties and we can assist in preparing a photographic schedule of condition.

If you have received a notice under the Act and wish to appoint your own surveyor to prepare a comprehensive Award document containing provisions about damage, protection, security and compensation, then do contact us.

On rare occasions damage can happen.

If you have received a notice do forward it to us, so we can immediately check it and respond.

We also offer free 30 mins advice through the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) helpline.

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