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We offer a competitive fixed fee service to prepare party wall awards. This service includes reviewing proposals, carrying out legal searches, preparing notices, a photographic schedule of condition and drafting the Award in accordance with the statutory legislation. We deal with residential, industrial and commercial properties within Greater London.

The Party Wall etc Act 1996

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 (The Act) is government legislation designed to facilitate buildings works to a party wall or structure including; foundations, excavations and piling works in close proximity to adjoining buildings. The Act gives rights to the building owner to carry out notifiable works, whilst at the same time designed to protect the affected adjoining owners during those works.

The Act often applies when you are planning building works for a new build, rear of side extension. Also, work affecting a party wall involved with loft conversions,  structural and basement works.

In particular when your property is terraced, semi-detached or detached and near to the adjoining land and premises. You need to find out if your proposed building works are notifiable, so you can serve correct written notices in advance to ensure you act lawfully. We are able to check and deal with matters on your behalf.

Written notices

Proper written notices must be served one month or in some cases two months before you plan to commence notifiable building works. The notice must give your affected neighbour 14 days to reply, where they must either consent or dissent to the notice. If they consent you can simply start the works. They may dissent and appoint their own Surveyor or have an agreed surveyor, where you would generally be responsible for their surveyor’s reasonable fees.  It would be  prudent to budget for this.

Sometimes a further 10 days’ notice is required when there is no reply to the initial 14 days’ notice. This would mean surveyors must be appointed by each party. We can act as your surveyor or as an agreed surveyor, where both parties agree to use one surveyor, who acts impartially to regulate matters.

Please do contact us to discuss or email  the drawings of your planed building works for a quote.

We also offer free 30 mins advice through the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) helpline.

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