Land Acquisition

Maurice & Associates can assist you in acquiring land and deal with development sites that are either on the market fully or are being marketed “off market” low key. If you are looking to develop or invest in these types of projects we can help you source suitable opportunities with a view to helping you acquire them.

Land disposal

We can help in selling your site. There are so many ways to market and sell land and buildings with development potential;. Whether you prefer the on market or off market route. We can assist with off market disposal, acquisitions and site assembly.

Our team is interested in all land/development opportunities, including:

  • Brownfield sites (i.e. offices, retail, carehomes, warehouses, pubs, redundant buildings, garages etc.)
  • Greenfield sites
  • Land with Planning Permission (Outline or Detailed)
  • Land with Development Potential
  • Office building or blocks
  • Houses with large plots/gardens or on corner plots
  • Row of garages
  • Neighbouring land or home which, together could be developable

We can assist from concept to completion or in joint ventures and do Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Our Consultants

Maurice & Associates work closely and have partnerships with a number of highly experienced individuals including Chartered Structural Engineers, Architects and Interior Designers.

Current Client Requirements

Sites required:

  • Within half a mile of daily-needs shopping
  • 0.6-3 acres in size
  • Have three storey potential
  • Close to transport links
  • Main road prominence
  • Any freehold or leasehold property
  • Brownfield sites and land
  • Ground Rents
  • Garage land
  • Large Gardens

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