Schedules of Condition

A schedule of condition can be in several formats including just photographic, video or a description of the property accompanied by photographic evidence. A schedule of condition is often required for both commercial and residential properties for a number of reasons.

With commercial properties you may wish to have a record or evidence of the condition of the premises prior to the start of your lease. The lease may have repairing obligations limited to that of keeping the premises in no better nor no worse condition than as at the commencement of the lease. In such circumstances, evidence of that condition will be required and usually be in the form of a schedule of condition.

Maurice & Associates can undertake and prepare Schedule of Condition on behalf of property owners, landlords and tenants for incorporation into a Lease, or for any other relevant purpose.

Pre-acquisition surveys; Building Condition Report

We can assist with bespoke surveys with a view to providing information and advice critical to the decision-making process for prospective purchasers or occupiers about a building including ,the risks and liabilities. This can be useful to the due diligence process

Snagging Survey

It can be annoying after moving in to your brand new home to find out is not perfect. Maurice & Associates employs qualified surveyors who will carry out a home inspection to identify those snagging issues which require rectification.

A snagging survey is extremely useful when purchasing or leasing new builds. Within the first two years your housebuilder is legally obligated to repair any defects as part of your new build warranty.

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