We provide all the services required

Maurice & Associates provide all the services required to negotiate and obtain the correct permissions with adjoining property and landowners. We always aim for an achievable settlement between the parties often resulting in “win win” solution.

A number of Transport Infrastructure improvement and maintenance projects are carried out without compulsory purchase powers or during daytimes working hours so services can keep running. These projects often require access and egress agreements for vehicles, plant and machinery. Contractors often require nearby site compounds to locate site offices, store plant, materials and equipment during the works.

Third party agreements are sought due to site constraints, no proper access routes and when adjoining land required is under different ownership.

We provide tailored property services for:

  • Railway embankment stabilisation works
  • Railway cutting and slope stabilisation works
  • Bridge, viaduct repair, strengthening and replacement works
  • Track drainage and outfall works
  • Operational property
  • Ground investigations
  • Highway expansions

We have proven experience

Most transport infrastructure, such as rail is spread across the UK and situated adjacent to all types of land or property. We have dealt with Farms, Woodland, Commercial premises, Residential property, Industrial premises, Golf courses, Rifle ranges, Sports fields, Schools, Allotments and Parks, amongst others.

Infrastructure assets require cyclical maintenance and improvements due to new technology, materials and construction techniques. Sometimes ground and weather conditions can materially affect old assets such as rail where derailment can occur. Following regular ground investigations and inspections, assets in poor condition can be regularly monitored, maintained or improved.

Every access requirement is unique due to the surrounding land, use, location and situation of the project. Therefore we recommend reviewing projects at an early stage in order to properly plan and eliminate the risks. Maurice & Associates have proven expertise in dealing with access requirements for infrastructure projects. Our input assist in mitigating the risks to the projects and thereby ensuring their successful delivery.

Our service package includes:

  • Assessment of access requirements
  • Planning and programme advice
  • Assessment of the critical path and key stages.
  • Statutory consents
  • Access negotiations
  • Negotiation and creation of licence and lease agreements
  • Party wall Agreements
  • Schedules of condition
  • Reinstatement schedules

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